Deleting Google Phones Won’t Stop Your Device from Uploading Pictures

With so much connectivity and evolving technology, it can feel almost impossible to maintain your privacy today.

Take Google Photos, for example. It’s an innovative and quite amazing app – not only does it offer free, unlimited back-up space for your photos and memories, but it automatically creates slide-shows, collages and movies with your uploaded photo library. But be warned – uninstalling Google Photos doesn’t stop your phone from uploading pictures to your account.

Pay Attention to Your Settings

The Nashville Business Journal recently highlighted the issue, after it was discovered that hundreds of photos that David Arnott thought he had deleted were still stored in his Google Photos account. All of the photos were taken weeks after he had already uninstalled the backup app.
Google Photos Nashville Business Journal
After some testing, we can confirm it’s not a fluke. Even after disabling Google Drive and Google Plus apps on your phone, it still continues to backup every photo taken.

The glitch is in how Google Photos handles its upload settings. Rather than keeping everything localized within its own app, Photos hands out the task of managing uploads to the Google Settings app, which also handles location data, settings, and search functionality. So, even when you delete Google Apps, the settings remain intact.

Knowing this, it’s actually quite easy to disable – just head into Google Settings and tap on “Google Photos Backup”.

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