The Walden Group Puts Full Trust In Haxxess Enterprise Corporation To Handle Everything IT

“With over 30 years of experience under their belts, The Walden Group is well established as an industrial leader in turn-key solutions specializing in the electrical, industrial, and mining sectors”.

The group is made up of Walden Electrical Ltd., Walden Equipment Ltd., and J&S Manufacturing, and they are known for their reputation of completing projects on time, and delivering products within budget. They have a goal to ensure they meet and exceed all regulations, expectations, and budgetary constraints of their clients – but they needed the same from their IT provider in order to continue.

Luckily, Haxxess Enterprise Corporation had the high-quality, affordable solutions they needed and were endless in their pursuit of keeping The Walden Group’s needs met.

With our IT environments as vital as they are today, it can be hard for companies with employees who need to constantly be on the move. Without the proper IT support, these companies face challenges with data communication, synchronization, as well as getting the support needed from remote locations.

The Situation: A Need For An Easily Accessible & Reputable IT Provider That They Could Rely On!

Ryan Lougheed, General Manager of The Walden Group, explains how crucial technology is to their company, saying, “The Walden Group is a multi-faceted mine equipment and services contractor. Our business is located from Mexico to Timmins and everywhere in between. Walden personnel are often on the job site and/or out of country and all utilize and depend on our IT provider for communication, coordination, and efficiency throughout operations.”

With their IT services being so vital, it was important to have a trusted IT partner who had guaranteed abilities they could rely upon. Lougheed explains The Walden Group had previously worked with Haxxess Enterprise Corporation on various IT projects and had established a personal relationship with them. Lougheed says they decided upon continued services due to the fact that: “Haxxess Enterprise Corporation is undoubtedly the most reputable IT company we have dealt with and also are always available for our needs – ALWAYS. The employees of Haxxess understand our business and are endless in their pursuit of perfection in keeping our IT needs met.”

The Solution: A Fully Managed & Updated IT Environment To Maximize Efficiency Throughout Operations!

Since The Walden Group signed on with Haxxess Enterprise Corporation as a full managed services client, they have started receiving remote and on-site support, full network monitoring, backup and disaster recovery, email Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus filtering, and AV software on all endpoints. These services have had a very positive impact on the Walden Group, but Lougheed elaborates, saying, “The service we enjoy the best is the prompt attention to any issue at any time. No matter where we are we can be serviced as long as we have access to internet.”

When discussing how Haxxess Enterprise Corporation goes above and beyond, Lougheed beams, “My computer went down due to a battery problem, Haxxess was ready to drive to my house and fix it after-hours to get me going.”

The Outcome: A Reliable IT Support Team & Environment To Improve Time-Saving & Efficiency!

Since becoming one of Haxxess Enterprise Corporation’s full managed services clients, The Walden Group has seen significant benefits both to their daily operations as well as their finances. Lougheed remarks, “It’s always hard to gauge but rest assured we have gained tremendous amounts of efficiency and time saving when we signed on with Haxxess.”

In addition, Lougheed comments “Haxxess Enterprise Corporation knows our business, is professional about such and is like an arm to our company that we rely on a lot!”

“Haxxess is a must get before moving forward in business.” he assures.

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