Globalquest Solutions Inc. CEO Aaron Fox Offers Keen Insight on ‘Dark Web’ for Local News Segment

Buffalo IT company featured in WIVB expose on the Potential Dangers of the Dark Web

WILLIAMSVILLE, NY – August 22nd 2016 – There is a section of the internet that very few people have seen, and even fewer know about. Typically referred to as the “dark web”, this hidden piece of cyberspace serves as a sort of ‘digital black market.’ A place where hackers and other criminals can buy, sell, or otherwise exchange illicit content, stolen property, and illegally obtained personal data out of the view of the public, or law enforcement. The potential dangers of the dark web we’re recently spotlighted when someone hacked and stole personal data from Yahoo customers and it was made known that this client information was to be sold on the dark web.

WIVB News 4 Buffalo reached out to Globalquest Solutions Inc. CEO Aaron Fox to help explain to the public what the dark web is, and how to avoid falling victim to the shady individuals that frequent these sites. Fox told the reporter from WIVB that because of the total domination of the dark web by criminal elements, “Anything that is stolen–any kind of stolen property or elicit materials that are being bought and sold–this is a good place for it. So it could be pharmaceuticals, it could be data, it could be all sorts of things.”

Fox recommends ensuring that your computer has an effective and up-to-date antivirus program installed, and to avoid visiting unfamiliar websites or opening email attachments that seem in any way suspicious. Fox helps keep Globalquest clients consistently informed about the ever changing threats to cybersecurity businesses are faced with. His expertise and experience made him the perfect expert to offer insight on the dark web. 

The full interview can be found here: 

If you’d like to connect your own business-minded audience with more information about the dark web and the direct implications this ambiguous space can have on cybersecurity for business owners, please contact CEO Aaron Fox to arrange an interview. Fox’s experience and expertise poise him to be an excellent contact for features that require insight on all things IT. 


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