How to View Your Google Location History

Google MapsAttention Gmail users, did you know that Google tracks your every move? Google has quite a bit of your location data stored in their systems, and you can see it for yourself!

So how do you know if Google is tracking your location history? First you need to ensure that these two settings on your Google account are turned on:

  • Location Reporting
  • Location History

Don’t worry though, Google lets you turn these settings off at any time, and even allows you delete any of the location history already recorded.

In order to view the location data already collected through your Gmail account, navigate over to: – Once you’ve reached this page, if you aren’t already logged in, you’ll have to log in to your Gmail account. Then the Google location history page will appear.

On the left, you’ll see a calendar, and on the right will be a picture of a map. Depending on whether or not you have the location settings turned on, and if your phone recorded your locations from Google Maps, you may not see anything.

To make sure there isn’t any location data on you, change the “show” drop-down menu below the calendar from 1 day to 30 days. You can then check previous months, until you start to see red data lines appear.

If you want to ensure that Google doesn’t track your locations, visit: for a complete tutorial on how to turn this data collection off.

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