Is Your IT Team Missing Something?

A VCIO Can Provide Excellent ROI and Expertise Your Business Can’t Afford to Be Without

Most small- and mid-sized businesses have IT management needs that fall squarely on the shoulders of the business owner or the CEO. This practice takes up time and effort that could otherwise be devoted to running the business’s normal daily operations. Hiring a CIO to implement and manage a business’s IT department can be the ideal solution, but most small- and mid-sized business simply don’t have the budget to make that happen.

A vCIO Provides an Efficient, Cost-Effective Solution to a Business’s IT Leadership Needs

Without the requisite industry expertise and resources to devote extensive time to IT research and analytics, many business owners and CIOs feel overwhelmed at the prospect of dealing with their business’s IT security issues. They often don’t see an alternative to their position at the helm of the company’s IT department. An outsourced vCIO can provide the IT leadership and management solution that a company desperately needs, without the related price tag of an in-house CIO salary and benefits.

When You Outsource Your vCIO Needs, You Gain a Dedicated IT Management Partner

A vCIO provides the missing link to join dedicated IT management, data security and technology innovation. When you hire a vCIO to provide your business’s IT solutions, the burden of running one of the business’s most volatile, most critical departments gets removed from the shoulders of the business owner or CEO, so she can turn her focus back to running the business and turning a profit. Because a vCIO works specifically to stay on the forefront of all things related to business IT security and development, you’ll gain a level of expertise that can often not be provided by a single individual — or even an entire in-house team.

Your vCIO can handle all phases of your technology infrastructure development and network management needs. You can tailor the IT services you wish to receive based on your business’s specific needs and budgetary requirements. When you hire a vCIO, you get these benefits without the burden and related expense of creating a new in-house position, customized to fit your business’s specific requirements:

  • Professional IT management and guidance tailored to your specific industry
  • Analysis and allocation of your business’s IT budget
  • Management of technology modifications and upgrades
  • Regular user-friendly reports on your business’s IT health and security status
  • Creation and implementation of your Business Continuity Plan in case of an IT security incident or total data breach

A vCIO can help you choose or implement complete IT solutions, or simply provide guidance appropriate to the level of service you choose to receive.

Strategic IT Management

IT Security Incidents and Business Continuity Services Are Managed by Your vCIO

When you outsource your vCIO services, your expert IT partner immediately handles any IT emergencies that may arise. Because a vCIO provides dedicated management of your comprehensive IT plan along with effective business continuity services, an IT incident won’t keep your business from getting back up and running as soon as possible.

Sometimes, hackers and ransomware attacks get past even the most bulletproof security defenses through employee intervention or human error. When social engineering is used to deliver a malware or ransomware device, an employee can unwittingly introduce an attack onto your business systems. Since your vCIO has already constructed and implemented your customized Business Continuity and Disaster Response Plan, your business data and IT infrastructure can be fully functional in a matter of hours — not days or weeks.

Virtual services are the future of your continued business success. Haxxess Enterprise Corporation guarantees to improve overall IT efficiency and overall lower IT costs for your business. Our vCIO experts are always available for free onsite consultations. Contact us at (705) 222. -TECH or send us an email at [email protected] for more information.

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