Michel Holdings Ltd. Turns to Haxxess Enterprise Corporation For Secure Systems & Peace of Mind

“When Michel Holdings Ltd. began assessing their IT environment and the capabilities they currently had, they came to the realization that they needed help to ensure their peace of mind. That’s when Haxxess Enterprise Corporation came in, offering them significant updates and the chance to rebuild their systems to achieve their goals”.

When dealing with personal information, whether it be the clients or the companies, it is crucial to have proper security systems in place and constant connection in order to avoid facing severe challenges restoring both the data, and the reputation.

The Situation: A Crucial Need for Secure Systems & Quick Response Time to Keep Them & Their Clients Safe!

As a retail mall office storing a lot of personal information, security and responsive IT systems are crucial. Mario Michel, President at Michel Holdings Ltd. elaborates, “The biggest thing is peace of mind. If my system ever crashes, -I’ve got all my rent rolls in there, all my revenues and so on- if I was to lose that, and have to re-input all my information in there, it would take me a week. So, a week vs. an hour. I’ll take the hour. The nice thing with Haxxess Enterprise Corporation is they restore it without any input, they’ll just go back to the last second when the system crashed – and they say they can do it in an hour, but it’d probably be faster than that.”

With so much relying on their IT environment, Michel Holdings Ltd. knew it was time for updates to ensure information and systems were secure, and to restore peace of mind.

The Solution: Easily Accessible & High-Quality Support to Keep Them Running Smoothly!

Conveniently enough, Michel says, “Haxxess Enterprise Corporation is 2 doors down from me . . . My bookkeeper had troubles with updates, so they just came over and gave me a hand with that.”

Haxxess Enterprise Corporation has continued to deliver top-notch IT services and support to Michel Holdings Ltd. on a daily basis, and has made significant improvements to their IT infrastructure, implementing improved security, antivirus and malware protection, correcting previous software problems, and making themselves easily accessible.

The Outcome: Hassle-Free, Responsive Support & Technologies to Maximize Uptime & Ensure Protection!

Since signing with Haxxess Enterprise Corporation, Michel Holdings Ltd. has noticed substantial benefits, and Michel expresses appreciation on behalf of the company, saying, “They are fantastic!”

He beams, “It’s a turn key operation, I did not have to sit down and do anything, they just say “here you go Mario, it’s working”, and I know it’s working. It’s perfect! So I didn’t have to sit down and program anything with them, and I didn’t have to wait while they were loading stuff on… They just came in, set it up, and left.”

Haxxess Enterprise Corporation can help you leverage the right IT solutions for success!

To discover how, call us at (705) 222. -TECH or send us an email: [email protected].

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