Microsoft Stream: Protecting Your Business Videos

Whether you’re sharing or uploading, Microsoft Stream offers protection for your business videos.

Security has always been a primary concern for businesses who share videos. Thankfully, Microsoft Stream is here to eliminate any issues you might have with video sharing, and it can even encourage businesses to share videos more often. Here’s a look at what Microsoft Stream offers for your business videos.

Microsoft Stream

Whats Microsoft Stream?

Microsoft Stream is a business-focused video service that is created for the workplace, and it offers features specifically designed for business-driven applications. In addition to this function, Microsoft Stream is part of Microsofts efforts to move its services to the cloud, because businesses are looking to use the cloud to drive their ambitious agendas forward. With Office 365 Video, businesses will not have to work when it comes to using video, because Stream will be doing the heavy lifting — and handling security — all on its own.

What Microsoft Stream Offers

Microsoft Stream offers a wide range of perks for the users. The perks that it offers are:

  • It Encourages Uploading — Microsoft Stream encourages uploading by allowing anyone in your company to upload their video to relevant channels, so they can be found easily. To make matters even better, Microsoft Stream allows hashtags in their description so that the uploading process can operate much more efficiently.
  • It Increases Engagement — Videos can have their visibility boosted on the Stream platform by providing the ability to like, share and embed them onto the webpages of the business’s website. For example, people may not be able to comment when they’re in a meeting, but they can comment on a video that they have watched. This allows administrators to know what’s working, so changes can be made.
  • It Keeps Up With Trends — Microsoft Stream can provide insights so that the videos that are made can benefit all parties involved in respect to their effective content. Whether it’s through comments, likes or views, all of these metrics are taken into consideration when evaluating trending topics and how effective the video is for the business.

Microsoft Stream may be the future of sharing videos within a business.

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