How to Prepare Your Business for a Transition to Windows 11

How to Prepare Your Business for a Transition to Windows 11

Microsoft has finally announced the official release date for Windows 11, it is beginning rollout on October 5, 2021. 

That doesn’t mean that every single Windows 10 user with a compatible PC will automatically get the upgrade that day, as it’s a measured rollout that will go into next year. 

But what it does mean is that it’s time for your Sudbury business to prepare for a Windows 11 upgrade if you haven’t already. An important part of business continuity is ensuring that your systems are updated in a timely manner. This includes the operating systems and software your business PCs use.

While Windows 11 is a less dramatic upgrade than the one from Windows 7 to 10, the upgrade still needs proper planning to ensure your users and technology systems are properly prepared. 

Following are the steps that you’ll want to take now so you’ll be ready to upgrade your company systems to the new operating system in the coming weeks or months.

Review All PCs for Minimum System Requirements

When a new operating system is rolling out, it presents an opportunity to review your hardware for any needed upgrades.

Not all computers running Windows 10 will be compatible with an upgrade to Windows 11, so an important first step in your upgrade process is to check devices for compatibility.

You can find a full list of system requirements here.

The specifications include things like processor speed, RAM, storage space, firmware, graphics card, and more. You can use Microsoft’s free PC Health Check app on each device to see if it meets the minimum requirements.

Replace Any PCs That Are Too Outdated to Upgrade

For any computers that do not meet the minimum requirements, you have two potential options:

  1. Upgrade components to meet the requirements; or
  2. Replace the computer with a new one that already has Windows 11 installed

If a PC is already about 4 years old and doesn’t meet the requirements for Windows 11, it will most likely be more cost-effective to replace that computer. 

Studies have shown that keeping an older computer in operation too long can cost companies more than CA$3,500 per year in downtime and maintenance costs.

Review All Business Software for Windows 11 Compatibility

Next, you’ll want to review all the software and applications that your company uses to ensure they are compatible with Windows 11. Most should be, but if you’re using custom software designed for your company, then there is a chance it may need some updates to make it compatible.

Pre-Schedule Your Upgrade Rollout With Your IT Provider

With Windows 11 rolling out over the next several months, IT provider schedules will most likely be filling up fast with company upgrade requests. It’s a good idea to pre-schedule your upgrade early with Haxxess so you can ensure you get the timing that you want for a company-wide transition. 

Train Users on the New Productivity Features

Windows 11 has several great productivity-boosting features that can improve your users’ daily workflows, but not all users will know what they are or how to use them right away.

Your staff can make the most of the new features if you schedule a training for them to get some hands-on experience with using them.

A few of the many of the features you’ll want to show your team include:

  • Snap layouts & snap groups: These make multi-tasking much easier by optimizing more than one window open on a screen at the same time.
  • Microsoft Teams calling, texting, and video: Teams is natively integrated into Windows 11 to make it simple to reach out to anyone from the desktop.
  • Custom widgets feed: Users can put their calendar, to-do list and other helpful apps in a customize feed that is easily accessed without opening an app.

Provide Post-Upgrade Support for Users for at Least 30-60 Days

Once your office begins using Windows 11, it’s helpful to give them help desk support for 30-60 days after the upgrade. This is a critical time when users will likely be running into the most questions and road bumps as they adjust to the new operating system. If you have a resource that they can reach out to for immediate help once they begin working with Windows 11, it will go a long way towards improving productivity and ensuring successful implementation for your business. 

Schedule Your Windows 11 Upgrade Today

Don’t wait until you’re ready to upgrade to get a spot in line. Schedule today to cement your planned upgrade schedule. Haxxess can help your Northern Ontario business with a smooth Windows 11 upgrade as well as assist with any needed data migration to new computers. 

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation! Call 705-222-8324 or reach out online.

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