Proven Success with Skype for Business

Skype for Business is the forefront of Microsoft’s previous Lync. Skype is now part of Microsoft, and they spent quite some developing it to work seamlessly with your Office 365 tenant. Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) conferencing makes it easy to replace multiple conferencing products via Skype for Business. PSTN is only available as an add-on after you’ve subscribed to Enterprise E5.  The ability to hold solid audio-only conferences providing seamless desktop sharing all-in-one application.

The most important part is to eliminate pesky third-party and telephony conferencing tools. Standardization flexibility when they communicate internally and externally with partners. Say goodbye to the mix of on-premises and cloud sharing services that the competition is mimicking. Unlike Google Apps or OpenOffice, Office 365 is a scalable solution, now with PSTN capabilities it’s ready more than ever. Never miss a security update because Office 365 provides monthly security updates.

The Skype experts know how to host and develop enterprise level audio conferencing ability.

Skype for Business


The benefits come easy:

  • Provides simple, unified communication
  • Allows opportunity to consolidate platforms
  • Lowers costs significantly

Some companies claim to reduce their costs to about $5,000 USD a month. The costs to replace aging PBX systems are time consuming. Not sure what phone system you have? The anxiety of not knowing or adopting an old system is tedious and even unreliable at times. Skype for Business integrates Office 365 seamlessly.

Communication and collaboration is all about the human interaction:

  • The Mobile Worker
  • Work from Home
  • Office Worker
  • Team Leader
  • The Executive
  • Everyone else

Above all else call quality is important, results that can indicate usage and device compatibility. Let us know if you’re satisfied with your current phone system. Strategies are designed and tested for end-users that have been worked through. Designate a Managed Service Provider for your Enterprise, call us for pricing and assessment today.

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