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“P.H.A.R.A. Inc. is a non-profit organization based in North Bay, Ontario. They have built a reputation within the community for excellence and compassion – their outreach programs, transition housing, and hospital transition units have truly made a difference for the people involved”.

Alice Radley is the Executive Director at P.H.A.R.A., and a valued client of Haxxess Enterprise Corporation. In the following, Radley will elaborate on her experience with Haxxess Enterprise Corporation while transitioning to an upgraded IT system.

The Dilemma

When Haxxess Enterprise Corporation first arrived at P.H.A.R.A., they informed us about a concern they had in reference to their lack of network security, while with their old IT provider.

We immediately performed an audit and found many faults within their system. Soon after this thorough audit was performed, we took over all of their IT service needs – starting with a vital move from their very old hardware and software to a new and modern network. Of course minimal user interruption, and security were our primary concerns.

“We have a lot of our clients healthcare information; we were looking for a professional IT team that could give us peace of mind in our security and privacy. We sign privacy agreements with organizations that have our databases, and with so much more being done electronically it’s important that our networks are always protected from breaches.” Explains Radley.

Pure Clarification

Our solution for P.H.A.R.A. involved the implementation of several ongoing services and new technologies. Some of these facilities include:

  • Ongoing IT support, both onsite and remote
  • Implementation of new servers
  • Firewall protection
  • Switch monitoring
  • AV software
  • Backup and disaster recovery plan
  • Rebuild and upgrade their entire network

Haxxess Enterprise Corporation has implemented industry best practices for us, especially around security. It was time for us to upgrade into the modern world.” Says Radley.

And You?

We are very pleased to say that P.H.A.R.A. is now operating on a fully functional and secure network that provides them peace of mind. Our solution for this fantastic organization has built a system that can scaffold from its base, and save them both time and money.

“It’s important that we have an IT professional who can make recommendations that will save us money in the long run. We have a set yearly budget, with no deficit budgeting. So it’s important that we know what our yearly fees are beforehand.” Says Radley.

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