United Steelworkers 6500 Counts On Haxxess Enterprise Corporation For Expert Knowledge & Innovative Solutions

“The United Steelworkers 6500 Steelworkers Union found itself in need of IT updates to ensure efficient and secure operations, but wasn’t sure where to turn. That’s when a friend recommended Haxxess Enterprise Corporation. They were able to provide them with the extensive knowledge and the innovative solutions they needed in order to confidently upgrade to a more robust IT environment – and remain up-to-date”.

There’s no denying how crucial technology has become in today’s world. Most companies require some sort of IT environment, and not only that, but they are relying on it – and on their IT provider. When IT companies can’t keep up with their clients needs, those clients face significant challenges staying current and connected.

The Situation: The Need For An IT Provider Who Could Keep Both Them & Their IT Environment Up-To-Date!

The United Steelworkers 6500 Steelworkers Union was previously facing challenges with an IT environment begging to be upgraded. That’s when Haxxess Enterprise Corp. was recommended by a friend. David Gordon – Financial Secretary for United Steelworkers 6500 – met with Sam Vaughan of Haxxess Enterprise Corp., who was able to explain what they needed, and how to go about upgrading – offering innovative ideas.

Gordon elaborates on their initial meetings, saying, “What impressed me about Sam was he was straightforward, he gave us a good indication of what was going to happen in the future; because we had to upgrade our servers, he talked about a couple different ways of doing it – again, technical stuff way above me . . .” He adds, “So, it was good. His costing was really good, he was negotiable when we talked about it – so he was open for different things.”

The Solution: Innovative IT Updates & Informative Support To Keep Them Current & Maximize Efficiency!

After lots of research, many meetings with Sam, and much conversation with their counterpart, United Steelworkers 6500 found a trusted partner in Haxxess Enterprise Corp. Gordon remarks, “He was good. He showed me the updated stuff, how to change things around, how to save some money; so it wasn’t just about doing a good service. As far as the IT stuff he was very informative on what to do, what we need, what you don’t need – that kind of thing. So it was very helpful for us that way.”

Haxxess Enterprise Corp. was able to implement many improvements to the United Steelworkers 6500 IT environment, including:

  • Providing all support remote and on-site.
  • Managed AV software.
  • Full monitoring.
  • Server backups with DR.
  • Haxxess hosted exchange with email filtering (AV and spam).

The Outcome: A More Reliable IT Infrastructure & A Standup IT Partner That Can Handle Their Needs!

Since working with Haxxess Enterprise Corp., United Steelworkers 6500 has seen significant benefits. Gordon expresses appreciation on behalf of the union as he discusses how Haxxess Enterprise Corp. is always very informative, how they decide with the union on appropriate times to come in and work, and how there is no need for the union to manage them. The union has personally witnessed the benefits that come from Haxxess Enterprise Corp. monitoring its own accounting, calling them a trustworthy and stand up company.

“Ive never had a complaint that was worth talking about.” says Gordon.

He beams, “He’s a standup guy, he’s easy to talk to, and all of his guys are easy to talk to.”

Haxxess Enterprise Corporation can help you leverage the right IT solutions for success! To discover how, call us at (705) 222. -TECH or send us an email: [email protected].

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