Conroy Trebb Scott Hurtubise LLP Looks To Haxxess Enterprise Corporation For Technology & A Team They Can Trust

Sudbury IT ServicesAfter several network failures and downtime that couldn’t be afforded, Conroy Trebb Scott Hurtubise LLP law firm knew it was time to find an IT partner instead of an IT provider. Thankfully, Haxxess Enterprise Corporation was able to offer them the reliable, responsive support and expert knowledge they needed in a partner in order to achieve their goals.

When dealing with personal pieces of data, whether it belongs to the client or the company, it is crucial to have guaranteed security in place and a constant connection in order to avoid facing severe challenges restoring both the information, and the reputation.

The Situation: The Need For Reliable Technologies & An Accessible Support Team to Demolish Downtime!

When providing services which include administration of estates, civil litigation, corporate and commercial, criminal, wills and powers of attorney, real estate and more, technology is a necessity for Conroy Trebb Scott Hurtubise LLP law firm. Brenda speaking for the firm, elaborates, “Technology helps us promote our firm, schedule appointments, connect us to clients and others by phone, fax, email and electronic file retention.”

With Conroy Trebb Scott Hurtubise LLP relying that heavily on their technology, it’s no surprise that a network failure would come as a critical hit. “We had massive downtimes when our network failed us”, comments Murray A. Scott, lawyer to the firm. With no time for downtime, Conroy Trebb Scott Hurtubise LLP decided they needed an IT provider they could truly depend on.

Fortunately, that’s when Haxxess Enterprise Corporation came in.

The Solution: A Responsive IT Support Team & A More Robust IT Environment To Keep Them Connected!

“Since Haxxess has been looking after our needs, there is significantly less down-time: this results in less frustration since Haxxess is able to answer our questions promptly. If our server was to go down, they could have us back up and running within the hour.” says Brenda.

Since partnering, Haxxess Enterprise Corporation has been able to implement the following improvements to Conroy Trebb Scott Hurtubise LLP’s IT environment:

  • Full managed services remote and on-site.
  • Backup and disaster recovery.
  • Haxxess hosted exchange.
  • AV software and monitoring.

Brenda comments, “They respect our technology-unschooled staff, and follow up to ensure corrective measures are working. Haxxess has an effective program that quarantines any emails that they feel are suspicious, and the server back-up that they provide is very good.”

The Outcome: A Professional IT Partner With In-Depth Knowledge That They Can Depend On!

Since working with Haxxess Enterprise Corporation, Conroy Trebb Scott Hurtubise LLP has seen significant benefits. Brenda expresses appreciation for the work that Haxxess Enterprise Corporation has done, saying, “We would highly recommend Haxxess. They are very patient and courteous when they are explaining things to us… If we have any questions that we are unsure will enhance our services, they have an in-depth knowledge of how our business should run and provide recommendations that will best suit our needs.”

“Definitely a trusted IT partner”, she remarks.

Haxxess Enterprise Corporation can help you leverage the right IT solutions for success!

To discover how, call us at (705) 222. -TECH or send us an email: [email protected].

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