IT Support For Mining Companies

Mining Support companies in the Sudbury and Northern Ontario region, especially those which provide manufacturing and engineering support, need a reliable IT service company to give them the edge they need to succeed.

Haxxess Enterprise Corporation knows that your industry involves managing and using huge amounts of data and processes to keep track of inventory, personnel, equipment and track the jobs or services you are providing.

Technology is ever changing and evolving. To keep ahead of your competition, you have to focus on your business and don’t have the time to always stay ahead of IT advances.

Computer Support and IT Services For Northern Ontario Mining Industry

Our consultants will do this for you. Our approach is to provide you with a comprehensive examination of all your IT processes and sit down with you to understand what you need to achieve both now and in the future to improve and streamline your business.

We can help achieve all your IT objectives by offering your mining support company the following services:

  • A thorough consultation and detailed examination of all your IT processes
  • A custom designed solution for your particular business needs
  • Hardware and software products and purchases
  • Business continuity services for information back-up and retrieval to ensure your data is always available
  • Security and firewall solutions with 24/7 network and system monitoring to ensure you meet any compliance obligations
  • Communication systems which are cost effective
  • Cloud based hosted solutions
  • Specialized projects
  • Full and complete follow-up

Improve how you manage all your business processes, streamline your work flow, enhance your security and communications and contact the experts at Haxxess Enterprise Corporation by calling us at (705) 222. -TECH or email us at [email protected] and let’s build your business together.

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