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Being from Australia and working in the Information Technology (IT) industry as a skilled worker I dealt with a variety of businesses ranging from sole-proprietor, government, to corporations.

Moving to Northern Ontario I identified a lack in quality IT companies in the region, this was the beginning of Haxxess Enterprise Corporation Enterprise Corporation. Haxxess Enterprise Corporation was originally a cloud hosting company, and over the years it’s evolved into offering many different speciality services. We have planned future expansion projects in the pipeline that will help grow our region.

My ambitions for Haxxess Enterprise Corporation are committed to growing the Northern Ontario region and transforming it into a well-known high skilled Information Technology hub.

My focus is not only providing quality IT support services to Northern Ontario business but also training and employing many workers.

Who Are Our Clients?

Our ideal client is any business owner who is willing to let Haxxess Enterprise Corporation support their business with all technology needs. The perfect relationship is any business owner who will trust and follow our advice, because we know and understand technology.

How Can We Benefit You?

Haxxess Enterprise Corporation and staff build a professional relationship with all our clients. We not only provide expert IT services but also learn our clients work procedures so we can help reduce their work loads and make them more efficient, and in most office environments we can introduce some type of automation task to increase efficiency.

Why Choose Haxxess Enterprise Corporation?

Working with Haxxess Enterprise Corporation brings businesses great advantages only previously available within large corporations. Our clients have full access to all our technical skills, training, resources and continuous development. Working with Haxxess Enterprise Corporation is not a cost, it’s an investment into growing your business, and all for way less than paying a single employee.

How Are We Different From Our competitors?

Haxxess Enterprise Corporation continuously spend significant investments in their Research and Development, the technology industry is an always evolving industry. We test and research new trends and technology so are always ahead and prepared.

We are not just another technology provider – We are your partner!

Contact us at (705) 222. -TECH or [email protected] for more information about our services and how we can serve your company.

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