Network Security

Haxxess Enterprise Corporation provides Sudbury businesses with a full range of in-depth network security for all your entire IT business processes.

Cyber theft and cyber threats are ever evolving and yesterday’s security system isn’t enough if you want to ensure that all aspects of your IT system is fully protected from the most current threats.

Whether your network has public access such as through other web sites, or email, or whether you operate through private networks, there is always some form of connectivity with the internet which can make your system vulnerable.

Network Security Services

Our consultants will provide a full analysis of your entire IT system to evaluate any and all points of vulnerability so we can provide a custom tailor IT security solution for your particular business.

We know how to improve your current computer network design and identify the all the digital aspects which need protecting to improve your security, and to ensure your business continuity and use as a part of your critical disaster recovery plan.

Our IT and network security services are extensive and all-encompassing because we provide the following protection services:

  • Network Consulting and Analysis
  • IT Documentation
  • LAN and WAN Networking
  • Firewalls
  • 24/7 Intrusion Detection
  • VPN
  • Wireless Network Design
  • Information Security and Privacy
  • Network Typologies
  • Email Spam Filtering
  • Network Management
  • IT Roll-Outs and Infrastructure Migration

Our network, email and monitoring services are designed to identify a potential threat before it can harm your data or your system. We cover all office devices including both on site systems and off site mobile devices so you do business in full and complete confidence anywhere and at any time.

Don’t become a victim of a cyber attack and call the IT pros at Haxxess Enterprise Corporation at (705) 222. -TECH or email us today at [email protected] and protect your business before it’s too late.

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