Cyber Security

We keep you protected against today’s biggest threats.

Cyber security has become one of the main threats to business health and well-being. Just one ransomware infection or breach of a customer database can have long-lasting effects on your bottom line.

Haxxess Enterprise Corporation specializes in the multiple layers that make up any solid cyber security strategy. We understand what’s at risk, and that your business needs 24/7 protection.

Our cyber security services focus on all the areas of your technology infrastructure that hackers can potentially breach. This includes endpoint devices, network equipment, cloud security, and remote and mobile teams.

We look at all the links in your technology chain to identify and address any weaknesses, such as weak user passwords or a router that hasn’t been properly updated.

Ways We Mitigate Your Risk of a Breach

Here are some of the key areas we manage to mitigate your risk of a data breach, virus, compliance violation, or other security incident.

Cloud Security

One of the top causes of data breaches is misconfiguration of cloud security settings. Just because your data is in the cloud doesn’t mean it’s automatically protected from malware or data loss.

We go through all your cloud applications and settings to ensure your data and user accounts are properly protected.

Network Security

Monitoring the traffic that transits through your network is an important part of keeping out hackers and other threats to your cyber security. Our network security services focus on things like router security, firewall protection, and web protection, all of which help build a stronger defensive ring around your entire office technology ecosystem.

Endpoint Device Security

Computers, mobile devices, and IoT devices all have specific risks when it comes to cyber security. Hackers often target a single device first, before using it to try to get into others on the same network.

Our endpoint device security includes measures to protect devices from viruses and other malware, block malicious code, and uses behavior-based protections to identify zero-day threats.

Remote Worker Security

Cyber security gets more complicated when you need to protect remote worker devices as well as the technology at your office.

Our Haxxess team ensures that you have remote support in place that keeps employee devices and remote connections secure, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a remote workforce without leaving your data at risk.

Compliance Review

Data privacy compliance often means Sudbury businesses need to comply with both with industry-specific compliance needs as well as those like the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

Without proper oversight, it’s easy for a business to make a compliance mistake, which can result in fines and loss of customer trust.

Haxxess can help your Sudbury area business with a full compliance review to ensure your cyber security measures meet the pertinent data privacy standards.

How Our Cyber Security Services Protect You

From email phishing attacks to ransomware infections, we design a cyber security strategy that keeps your network, devices, and data secured. We do this through a number of safeguards, including the following.

Advanced Virus & Malware Solutions

Signature-based antivirus isn’t enough anymore. Zero-day and fileless threats can be undetectable by basic antivirus, which is why you need advanced protection.

Our endpoint protection solution for viruses, ransomware, and other malware uses AI and behavior monitoring, which allows it to catch malicious threats that haven’t been seen before. This keeps your business protected in the face of ever more sophisticated threats.

Protection from Spam & Phishing

Our anti-spam solution keeps unwanted messages out of user inboxes. Not only does spam steal hours of productivity each week, it includes phishing emails that are the main entry point for malware and other malicious threats.

By managing spam for your users, we can help you significantly reduce your risk of a data breach by blocking dangerous phishing emails before they have a change to trap your users.

Credential Protection

Credential theft is on the rise as hackers go after passwords in record numbers. With passwords being the key to just about every application a company uses it’s vital to have good credential protection to reduce the risk of insider threats.

We can help you with solutions that keep your company passwords secure and that give your business cloud accounts the protection they need against credential hacking attempts.

Data Security

When files aren’t properly classified or protected, a company can end up with data leakage, which is the inadvertent sharing of confidential files with unauthorized parties.

Microsoft 365 has an excellent solution called Sensitivity Labels to apply automatic security measures to files as they’re created.

We can help you create a classification system that will add protections like “do not copy,” watermarks, and encryption to sensitive information automatically, and stay with it as it moves through other apps.

Don’t leave yourself unprotected! Get a full cyber security assessment today to see where you may have vulnerabilities. Call Haxxess at (705) 222 -TECH or email us at [email protected] to get started!

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