L’Arche Sudbury Inc. Turns to Haxxess Enterprise Corporation To Help Them Meet Their Goals With Cost-Effective & Reliable Solutions

“As a non-profit organization, it was important for L’Arche Sudbury Inc. to find the most cost-efficient, but still high-quality, IT provider they could in order to continue providing their services. That’s where Haxxess Enterprise Corporation came in – with a good understanding of L’Arche Sudbury Inc.’s needs and capabilities, they were able to offer the affordable, expert support needed for the organization to focus on its real mission. Haxxess Enterprise Corporation does as much as it can to help, including the offer of discounted support services by the hour – sometimes fully donated hours depending on circumstances”.

Most non-for-profit organizations start off relying on their volunteers for every aspect of their daily operations. However, when technology and the Internet are changing as rapidly as they are, these organizations can face severe challenges concerning data communication, the technology itself, or even the process of upgrading and the costs affiliated.

The Situation: The Need For Trustworthy, Cost-Efficient Technologies & IT Support!

Virginia Jolivet, Office Administrator for L’Arche Sudbury Inc., explains how crucial technology is for their organization: “We are a not for profit organization that supports people with an intellectual disability. We have 3 homes and an office. Technology is quite important in creating and maintaining documentation, databases, and especially for fundraising initiatives and donations, as well as financial reporting. It provides a fast efficient way of doing business.”

“Haxxess Enterprise Corporation came highly recommended by our volunteer that was providing us with IT service.” explains Jolivet. She adds, “As we went from a volunteer taking care of all our IT to hiring a company, it stands to reason that it is costing us more in the IT department. However, Haxxess Enterprise Corporation has been very fair with their pricing and understands that as a not-for-profit organization that money is always an issue.”

Sudbury IT Services

The Solution: Major IT Upgrades & Responsive Support That Works Well With Their Organization!

On a day-to-day basis, Haxxess Enterprise Corporation does a lot to help L’Arche Sudbury Inc. maintain maximum efficiency. They have made significant upgrades to the IT infrastructure, and have implemented many improvements that heighten overall productivity and security. Along with implementing updates and new technologies, Haxxess Enterprise Corporation provides continuous monitoring for viruses, troubleshooting when problems arise, and quick response times that have a positive impact.

Jolivet comments on the benefit of putting L’Arche Sudbury Inc.’s IT environment into the hands of Haxxess Enterprise Corporation, saying, “You have a variety of services that are available to the organization and it is good to know that if we need something Haxxess Enterprise Corporation could probably provide it for us.”

The Outcome: A Trusted IT Partner With Innovative & Cost-Efficient Solutions To Keep Them Focused On Achieving Goals!

Since partnering with Haxxess Enterprise Corporation, L’Arche Sudbury Inc. has seen significant benefits. Jolivet expresses appreciation on behalf of the organization, saying, “Your team is very professional and courteous. You work well with those of us that don’t have any experience with IT. No matter how small or big the problem is, you do your best to fix it. There is very little waiting time if any at all.”

Jolivet beams when she adds, “I would highly recommend them letting the individual know how professional and competent this team is.”

To discover how Haxxess Enterprise Corporation can help you reach the right IT solutions for success, call us at (705) 222. -TECH or send us an email through [email protected]!

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