Northern Integrated Resources & Supply, Inc. Trusts Haxxess Enterprise Corporation To Focus On Assisting – Not Billing

Relying on technology daily for research, Northern Integrated Resources & Supply, Inc. had run into a problem when multiple IT providers had come into their IT environment with a lack of capabilities that hindered their everyday operations. Getting more bills than they were assistance, Northern Integrated Resources & Supply, Inc. realized it was time to find an IT partner they could actually trust. That’s where Haxxess Enterprise Corporation came in: Offering the responsive, innovative, reliable support and solutions that were needed – without the costs associated.

In order for a business to survive nowadays, technology is imperative. It is vital that these businesses have the proper IT support to turn to. Ill fitting technologies and lack of support will leave a business facing significant challenges that could demolish its success.

The Situation: The Need For An IT Partner With The Intention Of Assisting More Than Billing!

“We manufacture electrical parts for the construction and mining industry. We use technology constantly to research parts required and best places to purchase.” explains Northern Integrated Resources & Supply, Inc.’s Office Administrator, Sue Kari.

Unfortunately, however, Northern Integrated Resources & Supply, Inc. had gone through multiple IT providers in the past with unsuccessful and unimpressive results due to their lack of capabilities. Kari comments on their previous vendors, saying, “They seemed more interested in billing than assisting.”

Relying as heavily as they were on their technologies, it was imperative that Northern Integrated Resources & Supply, Inc. find an IT partner they could depend on. Thankfully, through word of mouth from a trusted friend, they were led to someone who would be able to help – Haxxess Enterprise Corporation.

The Solution: A Responsive Support Team With Reliable, Cost-Effective Solutions To Avoid Lost Time & Money!

With Haxxess Enterprise Corporation offering the IT expertise, accessible and responsive support, and cost-efficiency needed for them to succeed, Northern Integrated Resources & Supply, Inc. began noticing significant benefits upon partnering. Kari beams, “The gains are easy. If I’m not being held up with computer problems, we can continue to operate and not waste time waiting for answers – therefore, no lost wages.”

Kari expands on that note, explaining a situation where Haxxess Enterprise Corporation went above and beyond the regular call of duty for the sake of ‘no lost wages’. Because they were on satellite internet, Kari says Northern Integrated Resources & Supply, Inc. was having severe issues connecting their printer/scanner/fax. With Haxxess Enterprise Corporation having to do continual research and putting in many unsuccessful hours, Kari remarks, “they maintained their professionalism at all times – and didn’t bill us for the extra work.”

The Outcome: A Trusted IT Partnership That Goes Above & Beyond To Make Sure It Works Best For Their Business!

On behalf of Northern Integrated Resources & Supply, Inc., Kari expresses appreciation for the work that Haxxess Enterprise Corporation has done, and continues to do, for the company. She says, “I continue to work with your team because it IS a team. The service from all members is exemplary. They go above and beyond to make sure my questions and issues are answered and resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible.

I would highly recommend Haxxess to anyone. Actually – I already have. These gents are in the business to assist others and they do it very well.”

Haxxess Enterprise Corporation has the IT expertise to provide you with solutions for success! To discover how, call us at (705) 222. -TECH or send us an email: [email protected].

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