Protect Your Data, Comply With HITECH Using the Right IT Services

If you’ve ever worked with personal health data, you may have noticed that the enforcement of regulations has been somewhat inconsistent. The government has also realized that HIPAA has some major flaws as technology has changed the face of how we manage, store and organize information. The HITECH Act was made to tighten up the practices made by everyone from giant conglomerates to one-man operations. As an IT owner, I’ve seen firsthand just how companies can get lulled into a false sense of security, only to go through an expensive audit that throws a wrench into everyone’s plans. I’ll show you how the right IT services can make a difference in your company in complying with HITECH and ensuring your data stays in the right hands.

Data Protection

Expanding Definitions

Personal Health Information (PHI) comes in all forms, and the definitions of who exactly is subject to HIPAA may be broader than you think. Part of the reason why things slip by unnoticed is because so many organizations exist to keep track of. HITECH sets out rules for how you should keep your electronic records for any kind of health data, and it covers both physical and electronic security for the hardware and software your company uses to house it. No matter the size of your company, you’ll be expected to keep up with the many rules laid out by government officials (and penalties can be up to a quarter of a million dollars).

Change Is in the Air

HITECH is an additional measure that was tacked onto HIPAA, with new laws designed to fit the changing face of the world today. However, sometimes it simply isn’t feasible for a company owner to keep up with everything new on the technology horizon. Too much is happening to devote too much time to it. However, with the right IT services, you can be assured that you have the means to stay informed and, more importantly, prepared, for your responsibilities to fend off data breaches, duplications and plain old error.

What I Can Do for You

From encryption to anti-malware to perimeter protection, a complete solution exists that’s waiting for your company. Before you buy the most advanced security software that promises no need for IT services, let me show you why you need help to truly comply with HITECH. Not only do you need someone to call and get real answers from, but you also need someone who can help you understand if you need updates or, perhaps, an entirely new system. The good news is that I’ve been able to help companies shave dollars off their bottom lines while helping them cut down on the number of devices they use. For example, a good encryption system can mean that you need less equipment to do more tasks, which means less maintenance and replacement. I can show you the right way to encrypt your data to not only keep hackers at bay, but also to allow you the ability to access your own data when necessary. Believe me when I say that some systems have such advanced algorithms it can be hard for legitimate people to get into their own systems! Having better IT services keeps you safe and relevant to both your customers and the government.

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