Dentistry Office Explains How To Avoid A Bad IT Provider

“Dr. Kwong Hing Dentistry Professional Corporation is a very well known dentist office based in Sudbury, Ontario. Although they are a relatively new company they’ve built an outstanding reputation for their high quality work, and honesty. They’ll never drill a hole if it’s not needed – unlike some practices that I’ve been to!”

Claudia Caplan is the Office Manager for Dr. Kwong Hing Dentistry, and a valued new client of Haxxess Enterprise Corporation. In the following, Caplan will elaborate on her overall IT experience with Haxxess Enterprise Corporation.

IT Support Sudbury

Multiple Cavities

At the time of our entrance, the Dr. Kwong Hing office was in the process of splitting their network between two dentist offices. We were faced with the task of securing their network and assets with the new independent system.

In addition to assisting with this split, Haxxess Enterprise Corporation would also take over all of the IT support services performed by the previous IT vendor. The Kwong Hing team were unhappy with the previous IT source because they would often take days to respond to simple requests. Their network was not maintained and issues were never fully resolved.

“Our previous IT company’s work was atrocious.” Explains Caplan.

Time To Drill

Our solution for Dr. Kwong Hing Dentistry included splitting the practice into two separate entities. Additional services rendered included:

  • Assist and advise on how to properly secure their assets
  • Split database into two entities
  • Move their copy onto their hardware
  • Implement user logins and restrictions to protect the practice management software
  • Setup remote computer access for the staff

The Dr. Kwong Hing Dentistry is now a separate practice that runs their database on their own equipment. Currently Haxxess Enterprise Corporation provides a-la-carte assistances, but will eventually move to fully managed services.

“They helped us switch our network from the previous owners shared structure. They also helped us setup our backup and security system. We’re so happy we switched over to Haxxess Enterprise Corporation. They’ve been amazing!” Says Caplan.

Sweet Relief

We are pleased to say that the Dr. Kwong Hing Dentistry team is now using a fully operational and secure network for all of their IT needs.

“The service has been unbelievable. These guys are fantastic – if anybody wanted to call me for references I’d absolutely recommend them.” Says Caplan.

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