What the Google Search Quality Updates Mean to Business

That Google has recently updated its search quality guidelines is a huge change in the online marketing landscape that many businesspeople do not properly take into account. Although the initial upgrade was made in November, 2015, the updated version was slightly improved at the end of March.

Google Search

The four major changes that took place between November and March 28 are reflected in the updated version of the quality updates. Here we will go through all of those changes in general.

Supplementary Content Is Now Less Emphasized

If you are trying to bolster your online presence using supplementary content instead of optimizing your main content, you will now have a more difficult time registering within the Google search rankings. This may de-emphasize blogs and other ancillary content slightly, to give less of an edge to people with more time to put large amounts of content on the Internet without a real emphasis on precision quality. This also helps truly original content creators compete against people with more content that is mostly syndicated from other sources.

Local Content, or “Visit in Person,” Content Is Prioritized

Localization has been renamed “visit in person.” The emphasis on localized content and keywords continues to increase. Google definitely enjoys when a business gets its local audience pumped up to patronize it. If you are looking for organic national and international exposure, bolstering your exposure in your local area is definitely one of the best ways to get it.

Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness

The EAT acronym of “expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness” has been emphasized more as well. Google continues to be a search engine that rewards older websites that consistently provide expert content. No matter how good your new website is, you will likely not achieve the search ranking that you deserve for at least six months, which enables Google to properly vet your site for consistency.

Authority is also incredibly important. Choosing the right keywords so that you can build and maintain your niche without stepping on the toes of competitors is extremely important. If your site is more authoritative to your viewers, then you will rise in the rankings much more quickly than any other kind of site.

Trustworthiness is the final letter in this acronym. Trustworthiness expands from small details such as spelling every word on your website correctly to improving the bounce rate so that Google can see that people view your content in long stretches.

The Continued Rise of Mobile

Finally, Google is definitely following the money when it comes to mobile commerce. If you do not have a responsive website, then your entire web presence will be punished. The newest iteration of the Google search quality documentation has plenty of examples to look for if you are trying to build a mobile website that will work in Google search results.

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